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Agronomist for Rice Precision Farming

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INDICO is a digital technology subsidiary company of Telkomsel, Indonesia's leading digital telecom company. INDICO plays a strategic role as a holding company that houses current and prospective vertical digital business portfolios, including Kuncie (edu-tech), Fita (health-tech), and Majamojo (game). Moving forward, INDICO aims to explore opportunities in multiple verticals adjacent to Telkomsel’s digital businesses. As a digital platform company, INDICO aims to leverage Telkomsel’s digital assets and capabilities to create a flywheel effect of innovations to develop cross-sectoral digital solutions that will empower Indonesia’s digital economy.

INDICO believe we can reach beyond to empower Indonesians and enable businesses through our strong core values of EPIC WAY (Excellence, Positivity, Impactful Collaboration, Customer First, Walk the Talk, Accountability, Yes-if Mindset)

We are is seeking a hard-working, agile, highly skilled and experienced agronomist to join our Agritech team in Wonogiri. As an agronomist, you will play a crucial role in assessing the plantation process, defining and monitoring key parameters to ensure maximum harvest results, and designing and conducting plantation experiments to drive future improvements. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the advancement of precision farming techniques and make a significant impact on the agricultural industry.

  • Assess the plantation process and identify areas for improvement to enhance crop yield and quality.
  • Have a thorough Quality Check (QC) method & Assessment for Rice Products from pre-harvest, GKP (Gabah Kering Panen) to Consumer Ready Rice and the rice grading method for commercial.
  • Define clear & achievable goals for the crop yield result both quantity & quality for each unique location with its own unique weather & soil conditions.
  • Define and monitor key parameters, such as soil fertility, water management, crop nutrition, pest and disease control, and crop growth stages.
  • Conduct regular field visits to monitor the progress of the plantations and provide recommendations to farmers on best practices.
  • Collaborate and report to the Agritech Product Lead to design and implement plantation experiments to test new techniques, products, or technologies.
  • Analyze experimental data, draw conclusions, and present findings to the management team.
  • Stay updated on the latest advancements in agronomy and precision farming techniques.
  • Provide technical support and training to farmers on implementing precision farming practices.
  • Work closely with farmers and local communities to build strong relationships and promote sustainable farming practices.
  • Provide a weekly agronomist report, analysis & recommendation in relation to cultivation process to ensure the yield is as expected.
  • Bachelor's degree in Agronomy, Agriculture, Crop Science, or a related field.
  • Practical experience working in rice production, either through internships, research projects, or hands-on work on rice farms for more than 2 years.
  • Willing to be based in Solo and surroundings area.
  • In-depth knowledge of rice cultivation, including varieties, growth stages, planting techniques, and crop management practices.
  • Understanding of soil science, water management, pest and disease control, and weed management specific to rice production.
  • Familiarity with the latest research and developments in rice agronomy.
  • Have a technical knowledge of all the points mention above in other commodities are advantageous.
  • Experience in managing and implementing agronomic practices for rice, such as crop planning, fertilizer application, irrigation management, and crop protection for more than 2 years
  • Ability to collect and analyze data related to rice crops, including soil samples, water quality, pest and disease monitoring, and yield data.
  • Have the ability to synthesize raw data from soil sensor such as pH, NPK and other parameters into a comprehensive insight such as fertilizer recommendation and harvesting Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Skill in identifying and solving agronomic challenges related to rice cultivation, such as nutrient deficiencies, pest outbreaks, or water management issues.
  • Collaboration skills to work with multidisciplinary teams, including business team, tech team, researchers, farmers, extension workers, government representative and industry professionals.
  • Ability to adapt to different rice-growing regions, climates, and farming systems.
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15 Juni, 2023